Boys and Arrows Kiki bottom |Animalistic|
Boys and Arrows Kiki bottom |Animalistic|

Boys and Arrows Kiki bottom |Animalistic|

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Boys and Arrows Killer the Kiki Bottom in animalistic list.

This OG B+A gangster has been around since the beginning and is the Boys + Arrows gang's go-to style. We’ll bet a fiver that there isn’t another bikini bottom that will make you feel so free. Kiki's moderate coverage is everything you have ever dreamed of (cozy, comfortable, snug and content) and more. We promise you will have a hard time convincing yourself to take them off - mostly because you forget you’re wearing anything at all. 100% happiness guaranteed.

  • Back pant finished with a bonded edge. 
  • Seamless sides, LITERALLY does not have side seams to keep your hips smooth
  • Hand wash with care and she will always be there
  • All Boys+Arrows designs are created in California
  • Embroidered Boys+Arrows monogram